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Reminder Key Charms

A capsule collection of reminders designed for your keys or as a bag charm.

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Reminder Band Braids

A homage to friendship bracelets. Individually crafted, braided bracelets for men and women, engraved with meaningful reminders.

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Reminder Band Cuffs

Beautifully designed cuffs with simple but powerful messages. Wear your Reminder Band Cuff every day as your daily reminder.

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Reminder Band Chains

A capsule collection of Reminder Bands in an elegant, everyday style. Individually crafted, adjustable chain bracelets with delicate pendant reminders.

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Reminder Totes

Designed to stash all your daily essentials when you're on the go. Sail through a work day, a workout, and a night on the town - all while toting a meaningful reminder.

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A gallery of our reminders out and about.


Our Notebook

Documenting our journey with notes, stories, and ideas.


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