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Exercising a Mindful Attitude

Mindfulness is about cultivating an awareness of ourselves and our present experiences, and accepting them exactly as they are, even when they're uncomfortable. Judgements include our ideas and opinions, likes and dislikes. By practising mindfulness, we learn to recognise when we are being judgemental.

We then can choose to observe events as they may actually be with acceptance, rather than through the filter of our judgements. When we first start to practise mindfulness, we may notice a constant stream of judgements. Rather than engage and pursue these thoughts, we can practise being curious, observing our experiences as if for the first time.

No moment is the same as the previous one. By being curious to this possibility, we may see familiar experiences with new eyes. At the same time, we learn to let go of our previous thought, emotion and situation, so that we can appreciate the next thought, emotion and situation exactly as it is. As we explore our understanding of the present moment, mindfulness practice reminds us to be kind and patient with ourselves as we foster a new relationship with our thoughts, emotions and experiences.