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Personalise these pieces with your very own reminder.


Our Handwritten Rings are delicate sterling silver rings with handwritten messages.

Mum & Me

'Mum & Me' is a collection of pieces that celebrate the unique and empowering bond between parent and child.


Nature takes us back to the connections and relationships that keep us grounded.


Throughout history and cultures, rainbows are a well-loved symbol of hope, beauty and promise. Our Rainbow Collection is a celebration of life in all its forms, of hope and beauty in the everyday, and of our shared humanity.


Our take on a design that has been around for centuries. Commonly worn on the pinkie finger, a signet ring is seen as a reminder of heritage, identity and promise.


Handcrafted in sterling silver, gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil, these icons represent crucial aspects of life.


Throughout history, tying a knot around your finger often symbolised the act of remembering. Reminder Knots can be used to remind yourself of anything - your hopes, goals and promises, or the everyday things that you need to keep in mind.