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As an introvert, you are more energised when spending time on your own or in small intimate groups of friends. When a social environment is overly stimulating, you'd much rather ditch the crowd to watch your favourite movie alone or with a best friend. Introverts are more sensitive to details and are extremely independent!


As an extrovert, you gain energy through engaging your fellow friends, colleagues or new people you meet. Socializing helps you to feel more energised and inspired. Extroverts tend to be very approachable and are more in touch with expressing their feelings.


As an ambivert, you relate to the characteristics of both introverts and extroverts and you tend to identify as the in-between! You possess a mix of both personality types that may include the charisma and assertiveness of an extrovert and the thoughtfulness and listening ability of an introvert. Ambiverts tend to get energy from being around people and also from being alone and can be self-reflective in stations and also work things through by talking to other people.