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What's Important Series

Inspired by the courageous personal stories of youth beneficiaries from SAMH’s YouthReach programme, we designed with SAMH five bracelets representing the five themes that arose from the youth’s stories. They are new beginnings (sun), growth (leaf), dreams and aspirations (cloud), turning challenges into opportunities (lemon) and the appreciation of the small things in life (ice cream). The series aims to raise awareness and understanding about mental wellness.


$10 from the sale of every bracelet will go to SAMH to raise funds in support of their mental health programmes for youth.

How Are You Today?

"How are you today?" is a collaboration by Samaritans of Singapore and The Mindful Company that aims to encourage life-changing conversations and raise awareness about the importance of checking in with someone having a tough time. Each bracelet serves as a reminder to check in with yourself and those around you. Everyone goes through challenging times, and asking someone “How are you today?” is a great starting point for anyone to check in and give support. We’re all capable of making a difference.


$10 from each bracelet will be given to SOS to raise funds for their community outreach initiatives.