The best of 2017: Our most popular articles

22 December 2017 - inspiration

As 2017 comes to a close, we look back at the articles, interviews and wallpapers that you, our reader, enjoyed the most. Enjoy a trip down memory lane—we hope they spark a thread of inspiration and encouragement that will follow you into the new year!

The top 7 self-help articles

1. 11 self-care tips after a stressful day at work

We suggest ways to calm and renew your mind after a difficult day.

2. These 7 things make you happier, according to science

Everyday things to boost your long-term wellbeing.

3. Tired of being told to positive all the time?

A psychologist tells us why forcing positivity isn't enough and why we should embrace our negative emotions.

4. 5 practical tips to slow down and be more fulfilled

How to find balance in our hectic lives.

5. The important questions to ask yourself when you’re overwhelmed

9 essential questions that help manage stress and anxiety.

6. How do you talk to yourself?

Why the words you tell yourself matter and what you can do about it.

7. Do you have the 4 characteristics of grit?

What grit means and what it takes.

The top 5 inspirational articles

1. How do you want to live your life?

We share The Dash, a poignant poem about rethinking how we choose to live and love.

2. Stop being so hard on yourself

12 simple ways to be kinder to yourself.

3. How do we get rid of self-doubt?

Philosopher Alan Watts on making life choices, and how we can build confidence and trust within ourselves.

4. Advice from 100-year-olds

Candid words of wisdom from centenarians about purpose, love and happiness.

5. The surprising benefits of failure

5 ways to rethink failure.

The top 3 lifestyle articles

1. 10 tasty mood-boosting snacks you can eat at work

It’s time to edit your shopping list! Induce calm by making use of natural mood lifters in food.

2.  7 of our favourite celebrity podcast interviews

Life tips from Barack Obama, Maria Sharapova, Lin-Manuel Miranda and more.

3. If you could have anything in the world, what would you ask for?

We asked 100 people for their answers and the results may surprise you.

The top 5 Wallpapers of the Month:

1. Botanical Wallpaper of the Month with Hsulynn Pang

The first of three Wallpaper of the Months designed in collaboration with talented illustrator and story artist, Hsulynn Pang, complete with a handy list of steps for self-care.

2. Wallpaper of the Month: Steve Jobs

This free wallpaper download is a reminder from Steve Jobs to make the most of our time here.

3. Botanical Wallpaper of the Month II with Hsulynn Pang

The second of three Wallpaper of the Months designed in collaboration with talented illustrator and story artist, Hsulynn Pang, complete with a reminder from Dallas Clayton about embracing our individuality.

4. Wallpaper of the Month: Liam Neeson

This free wallpaper download is a reminder from Liam Neeson to not take any moment for granted.

5. Wallpaper of the Month: Cleo Wade

This free wallpaper download is a reminder from Cleo Wade to spread kindness like confetti.

The top 5 interviews

1. A conversation with Hsulynn Pang, illustrator

Lessons on creativity and fear with the popular Malaysian artist.

2. A conversation with Bridget Malcolm, Victoria’s Secret model

We chat with our newest TMC supporter about self-care, rejection and Christmas gifts.

3. Behind-the-scenes with Marvel actress Isabelle Cornish

We chat with our latest TMC supporter about her favourite Reminder.

4. A conversation with Prasoon Kumar, co-founder of billionBricks

On designing housing solutions to tackle global homelessness.

5. A conversation with Cyril Wong, poet

Lessons from an award-winning contemporary Singaporean poet.

The top 3 reviews

1. Photobook review: How Loneliness Goes by Nguan

A hopeful and tender collection of film photographs exploring the human condition.

2. Book review: The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz

A psychoanalyst distils 25 years of conversations with patients about love, grief and change.

3. Book review: When Breath Becomes Air by Dr Paul Kalanithi

Hailed by Bill Gates as “the best nonfiction story I’ve read in a long time”, this moving memoir is about a neurosurgeon’s search for meaning as he battles terminal cancer.

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Happy New Year!

- The Mindful Company Team