The 7 best wellness apps you need in your phone

04 May 2018 - mindful living

Feeling tired, stressed or down in the dumps? Don’t worry. Feeling great mentally, physically and emotionally isn’t too far out of reach, especially with help right at our fingertips. We list and review the 7 best (and free!) wellness apps we’ve loved and used. You probably already have the ever-popular Headspace on your phone, but here are a few more to add to your arsenal of tools to help you lead a joyful and healthy life. 


1. Stop, Breathe & Think (Apple | Android)

This nifty app aims to help you build the emotional strength to tackle the ups and downs of everyday life. It features a “Check-in” function where you’re asked quick, multiple-choice questions about how you’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally.

Depending on how you’re feeling, a few simple activities are suggested. Activities include a gratitude exercise (5 minutes), an observation exercise to ground you in the present moment (7 minutes), meditation sessions for calm or to shift your perspective (1 to 5 minutes).

2. Reflectly (Apple | Android)

Not into writing long journal entries? Reflectly’s perfect for you. Described as “an Adidas of the mind”, this beautifully designed, user-friendly and AI-powered app helps you track your emotions in a quick and easy way. Every day, simply choose from a scale of “super awesome” to “super bad”. If you want to, add a line or two to describe your day.

Simply labelling your emotions or knowing how you’re feeling is a useful and healthy tool to manage stress, energy levels and emotions in your day-to-day. Tracking your mood over a period of time can give you useful insight into your habits and needs.

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3. Calm (Apple | Android)

If you want to download just one app, this one’s it. It offers guided meditations (we love the 1-minute sessions), breathing exercises, sleep stories (soothing bedtime tales to help you unwind and sleep better) and relaxing nature scenes you can look at anytime. Talk about all-in-one!


1. 8fit (Apple | Android)

8fit is a superb fitness app offering tailored workouts (customised based on duration, body part, intensity level etc.) and meal plans (simple, healthy recipes you can try).

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2. Streaks (Apple | Android)

We know health and fitness goals aren’t the easiest to stick to. Winner of the Apple Design Award, Streaks helps you start small, tracking and recording a 12-day streak of a good habit. We tried this for a few months and can vouch for how this simple tool motivated us to keep going!

This is the only paid app in this list (we think it's worth the small fee!) but a free alternative we like is the fantastic Simple Habit Tracker.


1. Happier (Apple)

Described as “a smile in your pocket”, this award-winning app has three main features: 

- On-the-go gratitude journal
- Bite-sized, expert-led courses to discover new ways to find joy, calm and fulfilment
- Community page that lets you connect and find encouragement

2. Shine (Apple)

This one’s our personal favourite. Need a reminder that you’re doing the best you can? Shine sends you daily motivational texts to inspire you to love yourself and remind you that you’re not alone. (You can also answer a questionnaire to get texts tailored for what you’re going through.) The app also has calming tracks to get your day going or get you through a tough moment.

Which apps made it onto your phone? Any other wellness apps we should know about? Share them with us at

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- The Mindful Company Team