The 5 Love Languages Quiz

15 January 2018 - inspiration

We all feel and express love in different ways. What makes you feel most loved? A hug? Uninterrupted time with your loved one? A thoughtful gift?

This Valentine’s Day, give yourself (and the ones you love) what you/they really need. Taking this quiz allows you to find out how you feel and express love. Do you prefer words of affirmation, acts of services, quality time, physical touch or receiving gifts?

Once you find out, you’ll understand yourself better and know how you want others to love and treat you. So go on, send your quiz results to your friends and family. You deserve the love you need!

And while you’re at it, why not send this quiz on to your loved ones to better understand how they feel love? Valentine’s Day is, after all, a reminder to appreciate yourself and the people in your life.

If you have taken our quiz, here are some thoughtful gift ideas for your love language.

Reference: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.