The 5 best sites to help you find calm

22 March 2018 - inspiration

It’s been a year since we recommended 5 sites to visit when you’re overwhelmed and in need of emotional support. We’ve found a few more Internet gems since then, this time focused on helping you create a calm and relaxing mental space wherever you are. If you’re looking for some peace of mind or need some white noise for focus, this list is for you! We’ve used these sites and apps for a while now and a few have become part of our everyday routine.

1. A Soft Murmur (app available too)

Can’t focus at work? This site offers “ambient sounds to wash away any distraction”. The fun part? You get to mix your own sounds in a matter of seconds. Choose from different sounds in nature (rain, waves, cackling firewood, birds, white noise) and save your personalised mix. Plus, the site’s minimalist design is easy on the eyes and very user-friendly.

2. Muji to Relax app

If you’re not into mixing your own music à la A Soft Murmur, this app by the popular Japanese minimalist brand is as simple as it gets. Choose from six nature sounds, from forest sounds to waterfalls.

Alternative: If you just love rain sounds, Spotify has a playlist just for that. “[When] silence just doesn’t cut it, let the sounds of heavy rain and white noise bring peace to your mind.” We’ve used this for months and love it (except when we need to pee).

3. TED’s “When you need to feel awe about the world again” playlist

Nothing much beats being in nature when you’re looking for calm and inspiration, but the reality is that many of us are cooped up indoors most of the day. Filled with short videos about the wonders of nature, this playlist is a great pick-me-up if you’re feeling a little down or in a rut. Nature sure has a way of putting things in perspective.

4. Silk

This site offers interactive art for a breather or two. It’s surprisingly relaxing and entrancing at the same time.

5. Momentum (available on Chrome and Firefox)

Replace your plain ol’ new tab page with gorgeous landscapes coupled with motivational quotes, the simplest way to get inspired and find a pocket of calm within the chaos of your computer screen. You can also write down what your main focus for the day is.

What sites and apps bring you calm? Share them with us at

- The Mindful Company Team