Going through a rough time? The Internet’s got your back.

06 April 2017 - Mindful Living

We all have moments where we need emotional support but can’t find anyone to speak to. Or perhaps you’ve been going through a tough period for some time but don’t wish to open up to those around you for fear of getting judged.

The Internet is full of wonderful corners that we can turn to for comfort and support in those moments. Here are 5 of our favourite sites and why we love them.

1. Pixel Thoughts

Use this when you need help letting go of stress or other emotions. Once you type out your fears and worries, you get to see a visual representation of them becoming smaller, and words of encouragement that help you put things into perspective appear. Turn up your speakers to listen to comforting music in the background. It only takes 60 seconds!

2. Calming Manatee

If you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up, this site generates endearing memes of manatees with funny words of encouragement.

3. 7cups (mobile app available)

If you prefer one-on-one conversations, 7cups offers anonymous and confidential online therapy. You can choose between a trained active listener (free, non-professionals) or a therapist (fees apply, professionals).

For the listener option, you can select the topic that’s on your mind and you’ll be matched with a suitable listener. Speaking with a caring stranger is strangely comforting and may offer you useful perspectives. If you’re up for it, you can sign up to become a listener too.

4. The Dawn Room

Tip: Make sure your Adobe Flash Player plug-ins aren’t blocked and your speakers are switched on.

Part of The Quiet Place Project, this site is helpful if you ever feel alone, worthless or like there’s nothing to be grateful for. It prompts you to write a message of encouragement for someone you love. Messages just like yours from people who have used the room start appearing. It’s a powerful reminder that we should give ourselves the love we so freely give to others, and that the people in our lives (and around the world) are cheering us on, whether we feel it right now or not.

5. Breathing gif

Taking deep, conscious breaths is often an overlooked but powerful way to get through moments of anxiety and stress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at any point in the day, stop for a moment, stare at this gif and let your breath follow its rhythm. Notice how you feel after.

What other sites help you get through difficult moments? Let us know at hello@mindful-company.com

- Your friends at The Mindful Company