Every key has a story.

21 April 2017 - behind-the-scenes

Your keys do more than just open doors. They are stories waiting to be told. What do your keys say about your life? We asked seven individuals and here are their stories.

"The key to my former restaurant means the most to me. I went from law school straight to the hot confines of a kitchen environment. It has been a journey of highs and lows, but ‘can' is the word that resonates most with this key. It is a reminder that I should determine the course of my life, to live life with as little regret as possible, and that anything is possible. It just takes perseverance bordering on sheer stubbornness…and a little luck." — Michael, 39, Chef

"My husband and I moved into our first home in 2015. I always envisioned having a place of my own one day, but never thought it would be with someone special. Besides being a symbol of love, home also represents the courage and determination to overcome challenges and being at ease with who I am. It still amazes me whenever I look at my set of keys. I am reminded that I am alive, breathing and that I have pulled through. I can, and there is so much comfort in knowing that." — Aqilah, 28, Operations executive

"I carry only two keys with me—the ones to my home. They remind me that I am lucky to have a place to live, which is not just somewhere to eat and sleep, but a home. My keys are the entry into my sanctuary, the place I feel safe, secure and at home (literally and figuratively). Somewhere I feel at peace. And for that I am grateful." — Sasha, 33, Lawyer

"These keys are to my grandparents' house, where I currently stay. They mean the world to me. I've been staying with my grandparents ever since I was born. I was adamant about staying with them even when my parents moved houses and also when they divorced.

I was only 11 when I was first given my own set of keys. At first I was still not used to carrying my own keys and would sometimes forget to bring them out. I would end up stuck outside the house with no idea what time my grandparents would be back. It’s the lousiest feeling to not be able go home. As years passed, I became more responsible about my keys.

I’ve also learned to be more grateful for my grandparents. Despite all the conflicts and issues that have surfaced due to the generation gap, I have never failed to remind myself that it’s because of them I get to have home-cooked dinners when I return from school or work, a roof over my head and unconditional love. Without my grandparents, I would be nothing." — Vivian, 21, Assistant engineer

"This is a key to my friend Shital’s home in Perth. In 2015, I was looking for some peace and quiet to re-evaluate life and Shital was quick to offer her place. Before I left for home, she left the key in my hand and told me to keep it. Houses aren’t just physical spaces, they are places of belonging, and this was a huge exercise in trusting and letting someone in. I will always remain grateful to my friend Shital for this gesture. In fact, I am heading back to her place—or should I say, ‘my home’ in Perth—this week and can’t wait. This key reminds me of friends around the world who have accepted me for who I am and treat me as family. If blood is thicker than water, then spirit is thicker than blood. I know I can always count on them." — Lavanya, 29, Copywriter

"The key that means the most to me is my house key because it reminds me of the journey that I've taken to end up here. I bought my house 5 years ago. I hated being in Singapore when I was young and left to go abroad to study for 10 years. I thought I’d never move back here! Now I'm voluntarily living on the same street that I grew up on, in a house I bought with my own money. Many of the buildings have been torn down and rebuilt, including the one I grew up in. But some are still here. When I walk down my street I think about how much has changed and stayed the same, and I think that applies to me as a person too." — Jennifer, 31, Startup investor

"These are the keys to the boutique barre studio, WeBarre, that i opened with my co-founder. People always ask me where I see my studio in 5 years, but I always like to think about it as a journey. I don't know what I want the end game to be, but I do know that I wake up loving what I do every day. This key is a reminder for me to take a moment to smell the roses, and enjoy the journey every step of the way." — Linda, 31, Boutique barre studio co-founder & instructor

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