The best Cleo Wade quotes to lift your spirits

01 June 2018 - inspiration

Cover photo credit: Marianna Massey for Barneys New York

Described as the ‘millennial Oprah’, Cleo Wade is a poet and artist whose relatable and empowering words have catapulted her to Instagram stardom. It’s difficult to scroll through your feed and not notice distinctive handwritten quotes from Cleo Wade, and it’s difficult to stop yourself from smiling when reading them. From self-love and political issues to heartbreak and friendships, her uplifting poems and mantras celebrate the beautiful, ugly and all that’s in between. We list 18 of our favourite quotes that are sure to lift your spirits.

All photos belong to Cleo Wade.

1. On empowering others:

seen, heard, supported

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2. On love:

“Be the type of love you deserve, if for no other reason but to show us all how it’s done.”

“What you want must be held in the same hand as what you give.”

3. On ego and change:

4. On everyday beginnings and creating change:

Best selfin’ in 2018 and beyond

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5. On friendship:

“Spend your life with the people who make even going to the grocery store an adventure.”

6. For whenever you feel FOMO:

Absolutely no one

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7. On heartbreak:

Writing about heartbreak in my book #HeartTalk gave me the most joy. I talk to so many people about their broken hearts (if you have ever randomly sent me a DM, you know that if it was about a breakup, I probably answered) It gives me joy to talk about it because I have been there. And I believe that when you go through tough stuff and you make it out on the other side, you have a duty to help others do the same. I know what it means to feel hopeless, and not be able to get out of bed, and have the same song on repeat over and over again. I've had every version of heartbreak: the ones over a lover, the ones over a family member, the ones over a friend, over a stranger in a news story, over work, and I have even broken my own heart a few times. I say all of this because, if you are going through it at the moment, I want you to know you're not alone. I want you to know that you will be okay. And I want you to know that if you can take a deep breath and bring faith in your own resilience to what you are feeling, then you will find that there is a space inside your pain where an incredible emotional education awaits you. The space where you recognize all of the red flags you saw and ignored along the way. The space where you realize what you deserve. The space where you learn to forgive yourself for staying too long. The space where you decide how you want to grow. The space where you re-learn how to trust yourself and your path. The space where your remember that you always have the power to comfort yourself. You always have the power to say to yourself "it's going to be okay." I love you.

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8. On just showing up:

“And even if you are late—
So late that it hurts—
So late that frankly,
You are embarrassed—
You can still show up.”

9. On kindness:

“There is not a single conversation that kindness cannot make infinitely better.”

really ain't

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10. On questions and truth:

“It’s always okay to not know the answer, but it should never be because you weren’t brave enough to ask the question.”

11. On being you:

Be you. No one can do that better than you can. That's all.

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12. On letting go:

“As we move from a painful situation, part of us stays. Leave it. You don’t need the parts of you that wants to stay stuck.”

13. On negativity:

“Never waste your time on negativity. I have never seen it make a new friend or turn a single thing into magic.”

“Haters? What are haters? I have no idea who hates me. I don’t hang out with those people.”

14. On compassion:

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- The Mindful Company Team