A conversation with Elizabeth Lazan, actress, TV host and producer

24 May 2019 - inspiration

Cover photo courtesy of Elizabeth Lazan, photographed by Natalia Ortega.

Elizabeth Lazan may be a familiar face. You have seen her on the screen and in stage productions here in Singapore but Elizabeth, better known as Liz, splits her time between Los Angeles and Singapore; navigating through life as an Actress, TV Host and Producer. Some of her notable roles include starring in French TV Series Déjà vu Saise 2acting in local theatre company Pangdemonium’s Fat Pig (where she was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress” at the LIFE! Theatre Awards) and was last seen in the Toggle TV drama The Fifth Floor.

Staying true to her multi-hyphenate creative spirit, Elizabeth also works behind-the-scenes as a producer. In 2017, the spontaneous travelogue she co-produced with her best friend was picked up by global network brand A+E, and aired on Channel FYI Asia. Through the bite-sized series, Crack The Cookie Code explores adaptations of Asian cuisine in the U.S., unravelling the mystery behind Singapore noodles and other Chinese dishes - she is now developing Season 2.

Also an advocate of mindfulness for the planet, Elizabeth started a collaboration with Author/Environmentalist Kristin Kaye and is hosting Tree Tag campaigns in LA. It’s been almost a decade since her move to New York and then the home of Hollywood. Curious to find out what life is like as an East-West artiste? We catch up with long-time TMC supporter Liz to find out more about her journey through the acting scene in LA.

TMC: At what point did you learn about acting? What called you to it?

Elizabeth Lazan (EL): I was 7 doing a monologue on stage as part of a young theatre company - and I remember that exact moment. I was so thrilled to know I was playing make-believe and that people were reacting to this other person I created. To me, that was magic. I never stopped being curious about people and behaviour since then. 

TMC: Why have you chosen to base yourself in LA and SG?

EL: I've always had an affinity to travel be it for work or play. After graduating from acting school in NYC, I booked a role in a US-SG film co-production. It felt like the natural time and transition to Los Angeles to explore the huge landscape of work there.

TMC: What’s the most important thing to you when choosing a role?

EL: Does the character I play have an arc/journey that needs to be told? And if the overall story has something inspiring or important to say.

TMC: What do you most enjoy about the theatre/film scene in LA/US?

EL: The amount of challenging scripts and wide range of topics that are openly discussed. 

TMC: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career?

EL: Not being enough. Sometimes your biggest critic is yourself. 

TMC: What’s the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned?

EL: That if you live authentically, you’ll always be enough.

TMC: What does success mean to you?

EL: The close, loving relationships I keep. Being able to work on the things I'm passionate about, alongside peers I respect. Inspiring the world a little more with the way I choose to live.

TMC: What are 3 things that impress you?

EL: Sincerity, bravery and generosity. 

TMC: What trait do you most value in others?

EL: Kindness. 

TMC: When was the last time you felt you failed and how did you overcome it? 

EL: Every failure to me is an opportunity to grow and understand how to be a better human/actor. I try not to see things as a failure, but as an opportunity to find the path that's aligned with me. When I feel failure, I meditate on what I value in life and remind myself why I pursue those things. The focus is not on what could have been, but what I can build on now. 

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Lazan, photographed by Natalia Ortega.

TMC: Name a fear that keeps you up at night.

EL: Not living life to the fullest, best part of me. 

TMC: Share a quote that gives you strength or peace.

EL: The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate! Said by the queen, Oprah Winfrey. 

TMC: What would you tell your 16-year-old self that you wish you knew then?

EL: Comparison is the thief of joy, so pursue what you want with all your heart!

TMC: What/who is your favourite

- Book
EL: Island of The Blue Dolphins. And currently reading Tree Dreams by Kristin Kaye.

- Actor/actress
EL: Cate Blanchett 

- Play/film
EL: Death of A Salesman (play), iOrigins (film), and currently obsessed with Fleabag (TV)

TMC: What are your hopes for the theatre/film scene in Singapore?

EL: I hope we continue to grow in creating stories that are provoking, universal and inspiring. And that we are able to express all facets of ourselves, without apology for being true to our craft, message and identities. 
TMC: What are 3 things someone should consider if they’re thinking of pursuing a similar path?

EL: Stay grounded. Have some grit. And take the power of your creativity into your own hands - create your own content, whatever it may be!

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