7 YouTube channels for encouragement and motivation

05 June 2018 - inspiration

Feeling tired and uninspired? Everyone needs a good pick-me-up once in awhile. YouTube is filled with channels dedicated to giving you that dose of encouragement and motivation you need, whether that’s in the form of motivational speeches à la TED talks or viral videos of inspirational stories. Here’s a list of 7 channels that shift perspectives, inspire personal greatness and provide everyday motivation.

1. Be Inspired

This popular channel distils the most inspiring speeches of prominent individuals into 5 to 10-minute videos. The videos cover everything from success and perspective shifts to working out and social media.

Start with: The Top 10 Motivational Videos playlist

Similar channel that's just as good: Basquiat Picasso

2. Soul Pancake

Filled with inspirational true stories, this channel’s most popular video categories are:
- Tell My Story: In this viral video series, strangers guess each other’s background, interests and opinions purely based on a person’s looks, revealing and challenging the innate biases we hold.
- How To Find Happiness: An exploration of what it takes to be truly happy
- Life’s Big Questions: Interviews with hundreds of people about purpose, love and life

Start with: The Tell My Story playlist

3. 99u

If you’re a fan of TED talks, 99u is its equally engaging and inspiring cousin. Prominent individuals such as designer Debbie Millman and marketing expert Seth Godin get into the nitty gritty details of how to create the life you want.

Start with: Debbie Millman: Anything Worthwhile Takes Time

4. Dottie James

If you prefer something more intimate and raw, this may be for you. Writer and actress Dottie James recently started an inspiring and deeply personal series on her channel called ‘Changing My Life In One Year’. After a year battling depression, Dottie decided to chart her personal growth journey on YouTube: “From today, I’m going to put 100% effort into absolutely everything and I’m going to document it each week.” She starts with the little things: speaking to strangers, cleaning the house, making time for family and friends, reading, managing finances, and so on.

Start with: Changing My Life In One Year – ‘Trying Change’ – Chapter One

5. The School of Life

This isn’t your typical motivational channel. On first glance the topics may seem quite sombre: how to deal with criticism, why we worry, how our childhoods affect our adult lives. But sombre is the last thing you’ll feel after watching a video from this channel. Practical, sobering but ultimately optimistic and reassuring, this channel is dedicated to “exploring the great questions of emotional and psychological life”. Seemingly complex everyday topics are neatly unpacked in each video, bringing us closer to understanding ourselves better in order to create the lives we want.

Start with: Learning to be a friend to yourself, Why we worry and how to cope, Why an ordinary life can be a good life

6. Gabrielle Bernstein

Hailed as “a new thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey, Gabrielle Bernstein is a New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker. If you’re into the spiritual aspects of happiness, success, productivity and creativity, you’ll love Gabrielle’s short 1- to 5-minute long videos about these topics (they’re great to have in the background, just like a podcast!).

Start with: How to put your ideas into action (or check out her talk on the Oprah Winfrey Network)

7. Uplift Post

If inspirational and moving viral videos are your thing, this channel is full of them. A great reminder of the beauty of the human spirit, you’ll experience the power of kindness, love and strength in a span of a 2-minute video.

Start with: Any!

- The Mindful Company Team