6 simple ways to find joy at work

08 January 2018 - Mindful Practices

Are you tired of dragging your feet to work each day? Fret not: the smallest changes are often enough to make all the difference in whether you enjoy or dread work. Here are 6 simple things worth giving a try this new year. We hope you soon find that happiness at work isn’t that elusive after all!

1. Identify the good

There are good and bad aspects at any job. Make a list of things that add value to your work life: specific projects, co-workers, the company’s mission, clients and so on. Reminding yourself of why you’re here helps you tide through the not-so-good with greater ease.

2. Take frequent breaks

Taking 5-minute breaks every hour or between tasks may feel counter-intuitive when you’re having a busy day, but frequent short breaks have been shown to increase productivity. They also give you the time to rest, celebrate the little things (like finishing a task!) or check in with yourself. Have a snack, a short walk or a chat with a co-worker. Slowing down is a form of self-care, which should be practised throughout your workday rather than just after.

3. Do what sets you up for a good day

Just as effective morning routines set you up for success, what you do at the start of the workday affects the rest of it. Notice what motivates you and makes you feel your best. Completing the trickiest task before lunch (rather than answering emails)? A hot cup of tea before you start work? Doing these things ensures that you’re consequently more inspired and productive throughout the rest of the workday.

4. Cultivate deep connections

Good relationships with co-workers is one of the top reasons people love their jobs. Some tips:
- We tend to withdraw from our co-workers when we dislike the work. Go against that instinct because the right connections can often transform an experience. With support from others, we can find joy in the everyday despite the challenges.
- Avoid people who drain your energy. Self-care is a way to find joy.
- Be genuinely interested. Ask questions. When you learn more about your co-workers, you create room for empathy, connection and support.

As author Glennon Doyle writes, “The secret to being interesting is to be interested. And the secret to having a friend is being a friend.”

5. Organise your space

Is your work space inviting and inspiring, or distracting? What brings you joy? What doesn’t? Some suggestions:
- Display inspirational quotes or other tangible items that put you in the right frame of mind
- Declutter your space
- Learn about office ergonomics to avoid unnecessary discomfort

6. Use your strengths

Positive psychology expert Martin Seligman found that people who created opportunities to deploy their strengths reported higher life satisfaction in the long run. Which aspects of work do you enjoy the most and excel at? Find ways to do more of those things (or speak to your boss about re-jigging your duties).

What other practices do you have to cultivate joy at work? Inspire us at hello@mindful-company.com.

- The Mindful Company Team