10 practices for waking up at work

10 October 2015 - Mindful Living

We've adapted a few of Pamela Weiss' (from Appropriate Response) suggestions on how to wake up at work. Note a few and see if you can give them a go at work this week. 

1. Find your feet 

When your mind is spinning, ground yourself by feeling the sensation of your feet pressing into the floor. This gives you a solid foundation and brings you back to the present moment.

2. Look up

Feeling stuck? Look up from your desk. Let your eyes relax, and gaze around the room. This will create space for new ideas.

3. Ask: What is my intention?

Before firing off an angry e-mail, consider your intention: Will this help or harm? Reconsider before pressing "send."

4. Sip and savour

Use your morning coffee or tea to bring you into the moment. Focus on the rising steam, scent, flavour, and warmth of the cup in your hands. Let the sensations soothe your body and focus your mind.

5. Empathise

Imagine what difficulties an annoying colleague or difficult boss might be going through and wish them happiness. Notice your annoyance fade away.

6. Tune in

Throughout the day, check in with yourself and ask: What am I thinking? Feeling? Sensing? By increasing self-awareness, you can act rather than react. 

7. "Beginner's Mind"

When you face conflict at work, take an attitude of child-like curiosity and discovery. Instead of arguing your point, ask questions before jumping to conclusions or making judgments. Notice and find new and creative ways around roadblocks.

8. Be present

Satisfaction supposedly comes from getting -  a raise, a promotion, a corner office. Try this: at the end of each day, pause and consider: when was I most alive? Most fulfilled? Discover that true satisfaction comes from being fully present and engaged.

9. Big sky mind

Overwhelmed? Close your eyes. Imagine your mind is as wide as the sky. Listen to sounds rising and passing as if they were clouds. Open your eyes, refreshed and ready to begin again. 

10. Name your mood

Every hour, pause and record your mood using just one work: Anxious? Frustrated? Calm? Sad? At the end of the day, look back over the words. You will discover that even the worst feelings never last - emotions always come and go. 

The Mindful Company Team