30 compliments that have nothing to do with how you look

05 April 2018 - inspiration

Remember the times you were on cloud nine for hours or days after receiving a compliment? Sincere compliments can do more than turn a day around—they empower and inspire, and sometimes have the ability to change a life.

The compliments we’re used to giving are probably “You look great today!” or “I love your hair!” These are great—if you think someone looks good, you should let them know! But if those are all the compliments we give regularly, it can perpetuate the notion that our physical attributes make up most of our worth. Plus, it’s always more interesting and impactful when we notice something other than someone’s looks or talents.

If you need some ideas, here are 30 compliments that have absolutely nothing to do with physical appearance and everything to do with what someone just is.

1. You’re such a good listener.
2. You’ve a really good heart.
3. I love how passionate you are about ___.
4. You always make us laugh.
5. I love being around you.
6. You just know how to make people feel important and appreciated.
7. I’m so happy you exist.
8. You have such great taste.
9. “I bet if Britney Spears knew you, 2008 would have gone differently.” – Van Nguyen, artist
10. You’re the kind of friend I want to grow old with.
11. Since I met you, I've learned so much about ___ / changed my outlook on ___.
12. You make people feel really comfortable.
13. You’re such a strong/capable/brave person.
14. It’s never boring when you’re around. 
15. I wouldn’t have survived ___ without you.
16. Everyone deserves a friend like you.
17. You have a quiet confidence I admire.
18. Your positivity always encourages me.
19. I love how you always help people see the best in themselves.
20. I feel like I can tell you anything.
21. You always go out of your way to help people.
22. You have such a gift for ___. Please keep doing it.
23. You have a way of connecting so deeply with people.
24. Your laughter is so contagious.
25. You give the best advice.
26. You’re really smart and imaginative.
27. I’m always so inspired by you / your ___.
28. You know who you are and what you value, and I admire you for that.
29. You’re the best kind of friend / colleague / boss.
30. I always feel happy after talking to you.

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- The Mindful Company Team