21 ways to make someone's day

13 July 2017

“I think the secret to being loved is to love. And the secret to being interesting is to be interested. And the secret to having a friend is being a friend.” – Glennon Doyle Melton

What’s the simplest way to counteract negativity in your life, whether it’s the constant bad news in the media, a difficult colleague or an internal battle with negative thoughts?

Be kind to someone. A 2016 study showed that performing acts of kindness boosts psychological health. It causes your brain to release dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, the 3 neurochemicals linked to happiness. But the benefits are more far-reaching than that. Seratonin affects memory, digestion and appetite. Dopamine is connected to motivation and arousal. Oxytocin cultivates a sense of human connectedness and also speeds up wound healing.

In other words, helping others helps you. If watching videos of random acts of kindness fills your heart, why not dive in and experience it first-hand? Random acts of kindness are guaranteed to improve your day.

Here are 21 easy ways to make someone’s day:

1. Offer someone your seat.

2. Pack an extra portion of breakfast for your colleague.

3. Send a card to a loved one who doesn’t live in the same city to let them know you’re thinking of them.

4. Tell the cashier or waitress, “I hope everyone is nice to you today!”

5. Feed the skinny neighbourhood cat.

6. Pick up any trash you see in your office space.

7. Hold the elevator or door for someone.

8. Donate or contribute to a cause you care about.

9. Donate clothes and books you no longer need.

10. Remind someone about their strengths.

11. Give someone a hug.

12. Write encouraging words on post-it notes and stick them at random places.

13. Ask someone how their day is going and genuinely listen to their response.

14. Let someone in your lane or give up a parking space.

15. Ask your parents out.

16. Say hi to someone who often gets ignored, like the janitor or bus driver.

17. Compliment a stranger.

18. Invite your new colleague to lunch.

19. Smile at someone, just because.

20. When you hear others gossiping about someone, butt in by saying something nice.

21. Send a song or picture to someone and say it reminded you of them.

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- The Mindful Company Team