12 best playlists for calm and focus

01 June 2018 - inspiration

The ‘calm music’ offerings on Spotify and YouTube are vast, so we did you a small favour by narrowing them down to the best. Tried and tested by our team, these diverse playlists are the ones we find ourselves reaching for whenever we need music to calm our minds and centre ourselves. Enjoy!

1. Winter 2017 by Cereal Mag (Spotify)

Featuring a mix of ambient music and chill beats, this playlist does make you feel like you’re in a warm, cosy hut in the dead of winter, with the firewood crackling as you drink a warm cup of cocoa.

2. Deep Focus (Spotify)

Relaxing ambient music that puts you in the zone (and not to sleep!) for whatever task is at hand. Tried and tested!


3. Living Room Songs by Ólafur Arnalds (YouTube)

If you’re looking for calming instrumental music filled with emotion, this one’s for you. Perfect for when you need a peaceful tune to relax and decompress on a Saturday afternoon.

4. The Sleep Machine: Rainforest (Spotify)

If you need a playlist to relax you to the point where you fall asleep, this might be the one for you. Tried and tested by our team!

5. Cinematic Chillout (Spotify)

The playlist offers the best calming background music from all your favourite films! A great alternative is a playlist on Spotify called ‘Peaceful music for creative thought’.

6. MUJI playlist (YouTube)

Do you feel instantly calmer the moment you step into a MUJI store because of the music they play? Recreate the feeling with this playlist.

7. Starbucks playlist (YouTube)

Starbucks offers more than just free WIFI—they usually have that perfect blend of relaxing and uplifting music that’s great for both focus and calm.

8. Rain Sounds (Spotify)

For whenever you just need some white noise for focus and calm…

9. Relaxing Sunday Mornings: An Indie/Folk/Pop Playlist (YouTube)

If you prefer something more upbeat (and with lyrics), this playlist is a great blend of uplifting and soothing indie folk and pop tracks.

10. Relaxing Jazz & Bossa Nova Music Radio (Live Stream on YouTube)

Always loved the calming feeling of “café jazz”? Bring the café vibe to you at anytime with this playlist.

11. Lo-fi hip hop mix for focusing and relaxing (YouTube)

If you relax best with slow and calming beats, this one’s for you. Great alternative: Quiet Nights Mix on YouTube.

12. Peaceful Retreat (Spotify)

Think “ambient Zen music”. This is as calming as it gets. Or if you want to go a step further, here’s a playlist with music relaxing enough for a spa or meditation retreat.

Which playlist is your favourite? Let us know at hello@mindful-company.com.

- The Mindful Company Team