Lookbook #10: Places of Calm

Places of Calm.
It means feel the release in your shoulders.
It means stop and smell the bougainvillea.
It means the trees are doing our breathing for us.
It means the whole city is your garden.
It means float like a butterfly but still feel the earth
solid enough to hold your ground.
It means your favourite track in your ears through rush hour,
it means a sparkling sliver of silence,
big cool leaves in sudden breeze.
It means to wear your body like air.
It means you are the sky—everything else the turning weather.
It means learning to unlearn.
It means look, the world arrives for you.
It means patience enough, if only for yourself.
It means stillness in the midst of your own current.
It means lepak,
sabar menanti,
sudah makan?
It means nourish yourself first,
what you need is already around you.
It means let it go
and let it come.

‘Places of Calm’ is an original poem by celebrated Singaporean poet, Pooja Nansi. Read more behind the inspiration for the poem by Pooja here.

The Places of Calm collection is inspired by four flowers and plants – namely the Ruffled Fan Palm, Bougainvillea, Elephant’s Ear and Singapore Kopsia. These plants are ubiquitous or indigenous to Singapore, enabling wearers a distinctive way of remembering this unique garden city.

This collection encourages the wearer to look beyond Singapore’s skyscrapers and man-made structures, and to appreciate the places of calm in everyday life, in the form of the verdant greenery that is part of Singapore’s urban landscape.